Due to its central location, ‘Akti Ouranoupoli’ hotel is the base for excursions to nearby areas, that will carry you to the distant past. Do not forget, then, to take a cruise around Mount Athos. The inaccessible of Mount Athos prohibits women entering it, but cruising around the Holy Peninsula is permitted.

There, the sight of Byzantine monasteries perched on steep slopes, under the shadow of Mount Athos is breath taking. A sea journey to the ark of Orthodoxy is a unique experience. Visit ancient Acanthus, located in the current settlement of Ierissos, the still under excavation ancient city. Admire the Tower of Ouranoupoli or in other words Pyrgos Prosforiou, the best- preserved Byzantine tower in Halkidiki, located at the entrance of Ouranoupoli’s harbor, dating from 1344.

Pay a visit to the monastery of Zygou, or otherwise Fragokastro, an ancient monastery in Mount Athos, the only one that is beyond the boundaries of Mount Athos and can be visited by women. The park of Aristotle is located at the current settlement of Stageira, in an altitude of about 500 meters, overlooking the entire peninsula of Athos. There is the statue of the famous philosopher, placed so as to face the country of Greece. Our hotel reception is happy to plan and organize your excursions and visits, arrange the details of your transportations and tickets, as well as to deliver your breakfast at an earlier time.