‘Akti Ouranoupoli’ hotel occupies a focal point of the area; in a short distance from the entrance of Mount Athos and the picturesque village of Ouranoupoli, overlooking the island of Ammouliani next to Ierissos, it is a part of the place’s history and heritage. Its proximity to significant, mystical and incomparably impressive sceneries makes the ‘Akti Ouranoupoli’ hotel a suitable starting point for your holidays’ getaway.

The tower of Prosforio
The symbol of Ouranoupoli, the last “postcard” everyone boarding the ship to Mount Athos takes with him, seems to exist there since the 12th century and is the largest and best preserved tower in Halkidiki. The complex consists of the byzantine tower, the small, fortified yard and the port. It belonged to the dependency of Prosforion (today’s Ouranoupoli) the original core of which already belonged to the Vatopediou monastery in 1018. In an earthquake in 1585 it suffered great damage and that in 1858 it was abandoned. In addition, it was probably burned in 1821, since there are testimonies that in 1858 it was in a terrible condition and abandoned.

The Mount Athos Cruise
Ouranoupoli is the last village of the Greek State before Mount Athos. It is commonly known as Holy Mountain, and it is the most important center of orthodox monasticism since late 10th century and one of the top monuments of the world’s cultural heritage. It occupies the northern part of Halkidiki’s peninsula. Initially, coenobitic monasticism appeared in 963 during Byzantine Empire.
You can make the daily Cruise to see this sparse cultural heritage site. Reservations are made at the reception of the Hotel.

Zygou Monastery
It is an old Athonite monastery that was founded in the early 10th century and was destroyed just before 1198. It is located approximately 2km east of Ouranoupoli, just outside the limits of Mount Athos. It seems to be one of the oldest monastic institutions on the Athonite peninsula and was discovered in 1984. In the excavation site visitors will admire the castle, the towers and mainly the Catholicon of the monastery which is being excavated.

The complex islet of Drenia is east of Ammouliani. Drenia is the largest islet and Feti, Penna, Artemi etc are the smaller ones. Today it is an organized tourist destination with umbrellas, sun beds, tavern-refreshment stand etc. You can go there by boat

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